Our Ingredients

Orthodox Black Tea

A full-bodied and robust flavoured tea.


An Ayurvedic herb used for its adaptogenic and stress-reducing properties.


A superfood plant rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Spearmint Leaf

A fragrant herb that adds a refreshing and cooling flavour.


A fragrant bark-like spice known for its sweet and warm flavour.

We based our Stripes of Energy on an ancient legend that speaks of a tiger in the Satpura hills roaming the forests in search of some special plants and herbs. The legend says that every night before the tiger stepped out on a prowl, he brewed his choicest ingredients into a tea.

He would mix orthodox black tea for a full-bodied flavour, superfoods ashwagandha and moringa to power up, and add a dash of spearmint to stay sharp between the ears. A robust brew with an earthy flavour and herbal notes, Stripes of Energy is fit to power you through the day or fuel your nocturnal adventures.

Brewing Guide

Hot Brew

Cold Brew

Hot Brew

Cold Brew

Health Benefits

Improves concentration and focus by providing nutrients and compounds that support cognitive function and enhance brain health.

Reduces stress & anxiety and improves brain health by regulating stress hormones, improving mood, and promoting overall mental well-being.

Enhances strength and bone health by improving bone density and promoting muscle growth.

Rich in minerals that have anti-cancerous properties, anti-ageing benefits and help normalize blood sugar levels.

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