Our Ingredients

Green Tea

An earthy-flavoured tea high in antioxidants.


A tart-flavoured flower that is rich in antioxidants and may help lower blood pressure.


A sweet and juicy fruit that is rich in antioxidants and has various health benefits.


Red berries bursting with flavor and packed with health benefits.

Spearmint Leaf

A fragrant herb that adds a refreshing and cooling flavour.

What if we promised you a sensory experience as mesmerizing as witnessing the Northern Lights, but without the need for a trip to the Arctic Circle? Our Berry Borealis is just that. A refreshing brew that, like the Aurora dancing across the sky, moves across your taste buds and leaves behind a sweet trail with a pronounced tang.

A unique green tea blend with fruity blueberries and strawberries playing with earthy green tea notes, and a touch of spearmint, Berry Borealis will perk up your senses faster than a polar bear spotting a seal. Its smooth green tea flavour compliments the tart sweetness of hibiscus and the minty freshness of spearmint. So brew a cup, savour the sweet and fruity aroma, and let Berry Borealis transport you to a world of delight.

Brewing Guide

Hot Brew

Cold Brew

Hot Brew

Cold Brew

* Also contain 3% natural blueberry flavor and 1% natural strawberry flavor.

Health Benefits

Contains naturally occurring antioxidants that protect cells from damage and improve overall health.

Helps balance weight and boost immunity by regulating blood sugar and stimulate the immune system.

Improves heart health and overall well-being by lowering cholesterol, reducing inflammation, and improving circulation.

Promotes better skin health by improving blood circulation, reducing acne, preventing other skin conditions.

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