Welcome to Blooms & Leopard, where we call the whole world our garden. Since our inception, we have been picking this garden for quality ingredients to make our prized products - each designed to stimulate your senses and take you on an experiential journey.

We place nature at the core of everything that we do, we take inspiration from the unfettered living of the marvellous creatures we share the world with and turn our admiration for them into one-of-a-kind creations. Our identity, symbolic of the values we hold dear and the experience we aim to create - a state of thriving and flourishing Blooms embodied with the grace of a Leopard - manifests our beliefs that living in harmony with nature is more than just a lifestyle; it's a philosophy.

Our Ingredients

Hidden in plain sight in pristine and untouched regions, superfoods are nature’s best-kept secret. They are the star ingredients of our products, and we source them from all over the Indian subcontinent. Some of the regions include:

Zanskar Valley

This cold desert region located at 13,000ft in the northern flank of the Great Himalayas is known for its clean water bodies, tall snow-capped mountains, scenic landscapes, and the mighty flowing Zanskar river. It is home to unique flora and fauna, including the Himalayan Snow Leopard, most of which are not seen anywhere else in the world.

Garhwal and Kumaon Ranges

These mountain ranges, located in North India, are a part of the Himalayas. They are nurtured by the nascent Ganges river as it descends from the higher reaches. Many herbs and aromatic medicinal plants grow on these mountains and their surrounding regions.


These hill ranges running through central India are nurtured by the Narmada and Tapti rivers. The ranges are covered with thick forests that provide habitat to several animal species, including the Bengal tiger, Barasingha, Gaur, Dhole, Sloth Bear, Chousingha, and Blackbuck. These forests are also abundant with many ayurvedic herbs and medicinal plants

Malabar and
Coromandel Coasts

These coasts, lined along the western and eastern ghats of the Indian subcontinent, are located on rich soils and fed by abundant rain. The constant sea breeze ensures that the aromatic plants and spices grown in these regions have the most decadent flavours.


The tea gardens of India offer a captivating blend of natural beauty and centuries-old traditions that have made them renowned worldwide. Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Darjeeling and Assam in Northeast India, as well as the Nilgiri Hills in the southern part of the country, these regions have become synonymous with the production of some of the world's best teas.

Our Love for Wild Cats

The ecology of these regions is held together in a delicate balance. Wild cats are an integral part of this balance as these apex predators help to control the populations of herbivores, which in turn preserve habitats. It is due to their vital place in nature that communities across the world hold wild cats in a high spiritual significance and associate them with qualities like wisdom, freedom, and perseverance - many consider them a symbol of strength, courage, and hope.

Sadly, wild cats around the world are facing many threats, including habitat loss, poaching, and human-wildlife conflict, which are causing their numbers to dwindle, At Blooms & Leopard, we actively support conservation efforts to protect these magnificent animals and their habitats, so that our coming generations can also appreciate and love them.

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Thrive with Blooms & Leopard

For those willing to embrace it, nature calls with its arms open. There is prosperity and richness in nature, just of a different kind that we have forgotten over the years. At Blooms & Leopard, we firmly believe that living a healthy life requires us to restore our innate bond with nature. We hope that our products inspire you to do just that.

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